Nilat-Ang Baka means boiled Baka (beef) with Vegetables, baka means beef in Cebuano.

Nilagang Baka, or boiled beef, is a great tasty dish to prepare.

Nilat-Ang Baka at Merlenes Eatery Restaurant Cebu

Nilat-Ang Baka at Merlenes Eatery Restaurant Cebu

Nilagang Baka or Nilat-Ang Baka dish has three basic features :

1. We make a tasty broth
2. We ad fork tender short rib beef or Baka
3. A good mix of vegetables

At Merlenes Eatery Restaurant, our yummy beef stock is produced by slowly cooking the beef with the correct spices. We use the best short ribs in Cebu to make our Nilat-Ang Baka.

The beef just falls apart and melts in your mouth…a must try for the entire family.

We prepare Nilat-Ang Baka fresh every day here at Merlenes Eatery Restaurant.

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